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My son says it all "the best mom in the world" and proud to be Latina - New Yorker by birth Dominican by heart!!!! Shout out to Puerto Rico!! I'm easy to get along with just don't piss me off. I like to cook and the best guinea pig is my son who most of the time likes everything I make. I like to sew and decorate the house and usually rearrange my room every other weekend. I'm very neat and sometimes I think I'm OCD. My son is my best companion and constantly reminds me of his dad who passed away in September of 2005. We miss him dearly. I love my sisters and my brother. I have five nephews and two nieces whom I adore to the fullest. I wish I could win the lotto to share with my family, retire my parents to the Dominican Republic and buy the house I've always wanted and maybe a penthouse in the Trump Tower; I would still clip coupons though. Myspace Layouts Myspace Layouts Myspace Layouts

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