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born on October 14,1988 in Paris, France, I studied litterature in high school and left at the age of 17 to study Graphic Design in the UK and spent 2 years there, working part-time to financially support my studies and my living abroad. I moved back to Paris in august 2008 and have been working with kids in schools and doing design in my free time ever since. I love travelling, I might move abroad somewhere again someday, I speak a little bit of Italian, and I have a passion for airplanes (my biggest dream being to fly in Concorde, hey as we say in french hope keeps you alive, right?). So far my favourite places out of the few I have visited are Montréal, Québec; Bristol, England (where I used to live); and Libson, Portugal. I hope to travel a lot more around the world and someday go for a road trip in Arizona/Utah and go see breath-taking places like the Wave and Bryce Canyon.

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