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Sara Rose

I read more books in a year than you may have read in your life. I enjoy the arts and the outdoors. I have a variety of interests and a bit of knowledge on a lot of different topics. I garden, blog, cook, shop, and have 3 cats. I paint my toenails a lot.

I'm going to be famous someday and I'll probably change your life. I believe in good manners and high standards. I'm also a big dork.

I read a lot. I cook a lot. I eat a lot. I love pink. I'm smart. I care but I'm not a therapist. I'm writing a cookbook and two different blogs.I love fashion and glamour. I'm going to school to be a psychiatric nurse. I am a mom and a wife.

I hate snakes, I love Unicorns. I love to clean and organize and can't stand it if things like lampshades are crooked. I used to be a celeb stalker but lately I just don't care whether LiLo is wearing panties or not.

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