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HiHi! The names Ruby! I live in the Fabulous 90210! I live a Lauren Conrad Life For sure, I am attending a Fashion and Textile Academy in Beverly Hills. Hopefully i'll use Textiles Later On In Life. x]. I'm Busy with Myspace and My BoyFriend. I ♥ Chip! He's My rock! My Betchezz Are ma Life too! Kerry, Chontall, and Karizza. We laugh at ALL stupid Things. x] ..We've never met ANYONE with our type of Humor EVZ! We Find it fun Making Chocolate Popcorn and Drinking numberous Sprites & Watching [ Dirt OLD ] Movies! Most of My life i've been a Happy person..But i can Be You BFF or The HBIC. Pick or Chose. I've been known to Be Bitchy to Haters and Fakes. DON'T get on my bad side! >:(..Other than that i'm nice and Sweet & Love to Laugh! I also love making Friends Online! So Chatting Is a Option..I also have MSN. But chances are You MAY not Get it. Sorry. :(. Well Enjoy my page! x] Well I'm Finished. lol Myy Shorter Doo.

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