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Our Wedding Day! Hi, My name is Rachel Russell, and I am very happy to meet you on this wonderful website to exchange ideas and make wonderful new gal pals! I am an AVON Independent Sales Representative with the sleeping disorder Narcolepsy: AKA Your Sleepy AVON Lady! I have the full tetrad of symptoms: Excessive Daytime Sleepiness, Cataplexy, Sleep Paralysis, and Hypnogogic Hallucinations. I also live with very painful and debilitating Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Kenneth is a model husband whom I adore. He is a wonderfully, loving person who is amazingly intelligent and adorable! When it comes to politics, I am very passionately in favor of helping the ones most everyone else ignores and steps on: the poor, disabled, those discriminated against, etc. I have been trying to get Social Security SSI since June 2004! I have received ABSOLUTELY N0 HELP THUS FAR! No money, no Medicaid, nor Medicare, or even Food Stamps from the government while we struggle slightly less than the homeless! Did you know that you must be pregnant or already on SSI to receive Medicaid? Ridiculous, isn't it?!!!! The terrifying reality is that by no means am I alone, so many others suffer needlessly. However, there are few resources to help those waiting for Social Security to finally get off its bum and help us get our much needed prescriptions and medical care. Huh, we can't afford the care I need! Without Prescription Assistance Programs and clinics for the poor, I would rather die than constantly be trapped a prisoner in my Narcolepsy's REM associated symptoms of paralysis (sleep paralysis, Cataplexy, and Hypnogogic/Hypnomyoptic Hallucinations). How are we to make ends meet, if no one really cares except God!!!! I didn't ask for this life debilitating disorder any more than I asked to be born!!! Shame....on the nation's people who claim to be rooted in Christian theology and values and turn their eyes the other way!!!!!! For Shame! Together, we can rise up, and make this country the jewel of humanity and philanthropy which it should! Life!

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