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Hi! My name is Sofia, and I love life. I'm self proclaimed beauty junkie. I'm 19 years old and in college. I'm upper east side bred girl but I tend to have southern ways. I'm addicted to everything sweet in life (but who isnt?) I'm open to anything, but I know what i want, and am not afraid to go after it. I am young, maybe a little nieve, and im going to enjoy it while i can =] I'm currently with an amazing guy, who is a little too much of everything i love.. so I'm pretty cheesy and starry eyed these days =] haha sorry about that. Anyway I'm easy going and full of too much information, mostly things i'll probably never need to know. hehe my boyfriend calls me his wikipedia, but i doubt im that useful! Anway I'm super friendly so dont be a stranger =]]]

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