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Stiletto Jungle

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Why is it that when we finally have disposable income, we no longer have the free time to spend it? Adventures in the Stiletto Jungle was designed to bridge the gap between the life of a struggling student and the life of luxury. Founded in June 2006, Stiletto Jungle is the creation of a young attorney who realized that the day she started pulling in "real paychecks" was the same day she no longer had the time to shop. As a grad student she had plenty of time to bargain hunt, keep up with trends, track Free Gift With Purchase offers, locate deals on designer goods, and rummage through sale racks. As a young professional she had just enough time to pick up a new pair of pantyhose during lunch... on a good day. So, what is Adventures in the Stiletto Jungle? Stiletto Jungle is an online shopping blog designed for fun, fashionable women who are long on style, but short on free time. It features fashion, beauty, and lifestyle tips, trends, online deals and more in a "magazine you can shop" format. Updated several times daily, Stiletto Jungle aims to pull together the absolute best of online shopping-- from designer deals and hot sales, to contests and GWP offers, to tips on where to buy the latest trends-- and put it all in one convenient place. The goal is to create a site where a busy woman can browse for just 10 minutes during her lunch break and get a range of shopping information that would normally take hours to pull together.

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