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I am Strong and Loving. I make my daydreams into realities. I love to keep the universal balance in check. The Force is strong within me. I am an energy bank. I trust you because you smile. I teach you how when you don't. I am duel natured by choice, so as to see EVERYTHING clearly. Oh, and I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!! I am a 26 year old student. Feels like I will be a student for life...but aren't we all? I am working towards a Doctorate in Cultural and Medical Anthropology. I love music, I love traveling to see music, I hike, I love to hike with my pack of dogs, I mostly make my own clothes, I am an avid re cycler, I bike and walk when I can, I love to hoop (been hooping for 6 years now!), I follow the way of the Buddha as much as I can, I meditate and stretch as my body needs it, I eat organic and vegetarian (mostly, sometimes I will splurge on a piece of salmon), people call me a hippie, but I just smile at them. I love to laugh, and a great source of laughter is life. Too many people are tied to material objects. Once you let go, that is where the true bliss flows...

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