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I am very quirky and optimistic (think Bring it on-at least that's what my friends say!) I am 5'5'' and growing, going to start highschool next year (whoopee) slender. Um...I enjoy shopping and swimming. Just doing nothing really (if that makes any sense). I HEART the U.K. I have family that's from there and so I am just obsessed with the music and the accents and the manners...I think my best features are my eyes. I have almond shaped dark brown (almost black) eyes that just seem to light up! I am told that I look a little like Kerry Washington (I am mixed with Native American, Black, and a tiny bit of European) and she has beautiful eyes! I am dramatic and crazy and do believe that Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!!!! If I could live in a time period, it would be the 60's to 70's because that was during the hippie era and I heart hippie clothes and things. I hate wearing what other people do, because we were all created differently...My favorite places to get things are Filene's Basement, Nordstrom, Nordstrom's Rack, etc. Charlotte Russe, H&M...those types of places. That's just about it!

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