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Kirstin Suzanne's Sweet Passion

Sweet Kirstin Suzanne the Passionate Old School Girl in the Black Opaque Tights is an Honored and Respected Member of Tumblr, Coolspotters, PopSugar, ShopStyle, and Jango. I'm a Pitt and Sarah Lawrence College Graduate. I'm Happily Married to My Kindergarten Childhood Sweetheart: The Mustache and I'm a Retired Fashion Model since 2001 with All My Sweet Passion! I've Learned and Trained How to Be an Overnight Surveillance Troubleshooter from My Straight Shooter, Mustached Hubby and I've Enjoyed It Ever Since! I'm 100% Steadfast and Strict with Family 1st Honors, Manners, Respect, Role Models and Old School Values. I'm a Disciplined, Passionate, Prudent and Proud Mother of My Two Statuesque Sweet Daughters: Darleen Suzanne and Stephanie Kathleen, My Sister: Karissa and a Proud Grandmother of My Six Statuesque Sweet Granddaughters: Kirsty, Hope, Kristen "Krissie", Kirsten "Kiki", Karalee and Kindra. I'm a Pittsburgh Penguins, Pirates, Steelers, Passion, Power, Riverhounds and Alma Mater Pitt Nation Diehard 4 Life! Follow Me @ , and Kirstin's Sweet Passion Radio/ Radio GAME ON!! Kirstin

Joined 9 years ago
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