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Kelsea Wetzel

:star: I'm an artist, I live music(write it and sing it), I wear my heart on my sleeve-actually I think I am a big heart and my logic is hanging off of my heart somewhere?! :), I create designs, live for color, live for inspiration, love everyone that is caring, love people that know what they want, I'm inspired by the littlest things in life, I love being a female and feel like it's the hardest yet most rewarding thing to be, I like to push boundaries, I am a dreamer. :star: Ruud van Empel: The most gorgeous painting ever. ~My imperfections are what make me beautiful.~ This gives me fever and I love to sing it alllllllll day long. You Are Marilyn Monroe A classic tortured beauty You're the dream girl of many men Yet they never seem to treat you right What Famous Pinup Are You? :star: I took this test and it literally came out this way! I guess I'm not too suprised...we do have a lot in common. That is why I love her!

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