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Am a voracious consumer of all things fashion, film, online social 'digiral' media, TV, Technology, and home decor, including, so many magazines and e-zines, most of which somehow I regularly read: V, W, Elle Decor, People, USWeekly, Information Week, InTouch, InStyle, Online Media properties --, WIRED, Technology Review, Vogue, Shape, WSJ, Foreign Policy Magazine, and Sunday NYT.. I adore this site, because I'm among my own here. Because, it's the only place I know where I can read about, 'talk' about, and shop for fashion, home decor, celebrity news and so much more, with all the millions of you, and, free of charge. Because it allows me to creatively express myself through a medium like no other. And because, on this site, I've finally found games that I am great at online! At five months old, I became a traveller. Have visited on everything from a budget of a shoe string to a Christian Louboutin buckle :-). And have lived throughout the U.S. and overseas. Absolutely love learning about different cultures and shopping in out-of-the-way-boutiques for uniquely stylish home decor, book, mag, smart tech, and fashion finds. I dream about world peace (seriously!), shopping sprees, flying, and a host of other things, including one day turning each and every one of my hobbies into a career (I'm pretty close!). More than anything, I love my friends and family dearly. Most of my family is overseas, so that my friends here are just like family to me. And I figure, if it's true that you're only as good as your friends are, I must be doing all right.. Would love to hear from you! Feel free to private message, or add me to your Buddies Lists. Cheers, VSug

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