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I love to hear from people so you are very welcome to drop me a PM. Yes, the picture you can see, for better or worse, is really me in the sea!

I also love these video clips, which I think help sum up my life, if you enjoy them too, let me know.

I would like to show my face on here but I think because of some of the issues I have commented on, this would not go down well with my employer, so in the meantime, for better or worse you have a piece of me in the sea. The sea is my god, I love the sea. Some people have been rude about the picture but this is me.

I am a lipstick wearing, make up wearing, often skirt wearing, sometimes stocking wearing (with suspenders/garters) feminist. I'm happy, laugh a lot, and have a senior management position at work. I work hard and play hard. Work takes me all over the UK and sometimes overseas.

I love everything soft and gentle, hate harshness and everything associated with it.

'Love fashion, rock and opera. I live in the UK but was brought up in northern France. Both my parents were naturists so you could say I was brought up nude!

As for sexual orientation, long ago I would have said straight without a doubt, but things change as you get shown something new! Below I have described myself as bi. This may not strictly true, although I have had my moments with women and more as I have got older. Serious relationships have mainly been with men but I have had more than a few beautiful liaisons with women along the way; the softness was very special. I think "Straightish but past the curious stage" would be more precise definition of my orientation and I'm sorry if this offends. Girls/women are more tactile than men and I'm not sure that any woman is 100% straight deep down. I can't believe I've said all this!

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