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Waplog is a free dating app for singles to meet online and build meaningful relationships offline. Most dating apps are not free these days, but Waplog is free.

It’s not only a free dating app, but also helps you make money on the Internet. You can turn your videos into cash by creating locked videos here.

Having said that, there are some premium features such as boosting your dating profile for 15 minutes, thereby getting more matches instantly. Of course, you don’t have to become a VIP member in order to use this dating app.

It is said that making money online via Waplog is a myth (source:; therefore, if your main goal is to make money on the Internet, you shouldn’t join Waplog. However, if your primary goal is to find a partner, you can try Waplog today.

The business model of Waplog is selling ads. Consequently, members have to see a lot of ads while using this service for free. Overall, even if you buy a VIP membership, it’s still quite affordable. You won’t break the bank by using its premium service.

Some members have complained that it’s very difficult to find the ‘delete’ button which allows them to deactivate their dating profile on Waplog.
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