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I'd like all of this: Guitars electric & Acoustics; 2nd vocalist singer;Richard Marx Style, Blink182, U2..Angel and Airwaves... Airplane Sport Pilot member of, like Motorcycles, Sailing boats - no engines, just the windy ones, Computers and WWWeb communications Expert Experience. and Guitars again lolol =), Play little Sax and Keyboards. From Mr. Richard Marx many songs, Brian Adams, Boston, Cristopher Cross, Bon Jovi { Jon Bon Jovi }, Firehouse, REO Speedwagon, Spandau Ballet, Alanis Morrisette, Eric Clapton, Bad English, SAGA, Chicago, Journey, Peter Cetera and the duos performed, Collections: Narada Guitar musicians collections, JAZZ, Craig Chaquico, The Rippingtones, Kenny Chestney, Buddy Jewel, Kenny Loggins, Air Supply, Phil Collins, Etc...etc...many more I'll post later...

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