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a gentle rain

I am afraid of all scary movies. My favorite snackfood is raw cookie dough. My bedroom is painted purple. I have naturally strong fingernails. I love watching the rain from my window. I wear black rimmed glasses. I am left-handed. I look nothing like the girl in my icon, with the exception of being brunette. My best friend has the same first name as me. I despise Abercrombie. Most of my lunches are peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches or ramen noodles. I love quotes...

You have such a pretty smile;
it’s a shame the things you hide behind it.

She's all dolled up with no place to go;
she's got her tickets ready, but there's no show:
Her lips are all glossed with no one to kiss;
so she sits in the dark with a lover to miss.

Just because I don`t pick up the
phone on the first ring
doesn`t mean I wasn`t waiting
by the phone.

if we discovered that we had only five minutes left to say what we wanted to say, every telephone booth, every cell phone would be occupied by people calling others to stammer that they loved them.

me without you is like...
a shoe without laces.
a nerd without braces.

None of these are mine. Don't give me credit. I'll add some pictures in later, I promise.

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