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My love for gems, minerals, and fossils began when I was a child. I have been collecting them for most of my life but ultimately found an outlet for my fascination in my jewelry making as an adult. I began with seed beads and fishing line at the age of twelve and have developed my skills and style over the past fourteen years. I now work only with natural gemstones, fossils, and sterling silver. I am most inspired by my materials but my love for ancient history and nature always find their way into my designs. While I do not believe in the folklore attached to gemstones, I do have a deep love for them. To me, it shows the creativity of God. No man could ever create something as beautiful as the stones we are able to pull from the earth. Likewise, I love to use our oceans, forests, and deserts as inspiration for my work. Moreover, I have always been fascinated with ancient times. I am most inspired by Egyptian, Roman, and Greek history. Through the use of specific stones, color combinations, and even sterling silver replicas of ancient Roman coins I am able to combine all of my interests in order to create a style that is uniquely my own.

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