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I try to live by this, and looking back on my life it holds true. The only regrets I have are the things I never did, or was to afraid to do. Not the things I tried and failed! It's a pretty hard thing to live by, because a lot of time those things that scare you enough not to try them, are things that can make you feel pretty vulnerable. Anyway, I am pretty much your average college kid. I am a computer science major, going into my sophomore year at a nice little private school. I will probably be switching to the bigger public university after this year, because honestly I can't afford this, and also UW is probably one of the top computer science programs in the country. I also LOVE Seattle, so it seems like everything would be perfect. Except I would leave my friends, which is extremely, extremely hard to think about. I DONT want to think about it, in fact. I'm hoping my best friend will come with me, because she too can't afford our school anymore. But she doesn't like UW 'cas well, it's kind of giant. But thats beside the point of who I am. I am a goofy kid. I have a Nintendo Wii, which is awesome! I go to parties on the weekend, and I love playing beer pong. It always brings together my most favorite people, and it's generally a happy event. I ride horses, and I love it, although I can't ride as much now that I am in school. :( I also am very outdoorsy and love camping, hiking, swimming, biking, quading, boating, kayaking, white water rafting, and more!!!

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