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Hey ppl, bout me..well im an artistic person, i luv to draw, mostly my own fashion illustration designs, um and i color them.. :D i also draw random designs color them sometimes, um used 2 draw anime goku gohan from DBZ, and chi from chobits. :) but im not really in2 anime anymore...i got distracted wit fashion illustration!! :D Which i absoluuutly loooove!!! :D i want 2 become a fashion illustrator in my future. :D and who knows mayb b a fashion designer in my later yrs. :D on the side ill probably be doin some paintings..cuz tats also wat i like to do i luv to do watercoloring and tempera and acrylic... :D i just got in2 acrylic a few months ago. :) ooo and also i recently got into makin designs for shirts, i did a stencil out of 1 of my designs, i just need spray paint 2 spray it on a t-shirt. :D i cant wait! :D if any of u ppl are intrested in lookin at my drawings..just go 2 this link here.. :D --> :) music.. :D i love all types well almost all types but i do listen 2 arabic music and reggeaton. :D um but yea my fav type would def. b alt.rock music!! :D my fav band is LINKIN PARK!! :D w000t! :D yea and i like over 60 bands. :D and ters like more to come. :D i REALLY LOOVE MUSIC..ITS MY LIFE..IF i dont hav music 4 like 1 day..i go crazy! :P i mostly like 2 listen 2 music wen im eating. :D and b4 i go 2 sleep and wen im drawing. :P :D it helps get the flow goin .:D when i draw. :D i also like hip hop rap some rap pop, some metal, rnb, oldies like motown. :D some techno, and yea i think ters 1 more but cant remember. :P :D Also im a Leo/Virgo cusp..but i lean more on the Virgo side. :D w000t VIRGOOOS!!! :D um yea im interseted in astrologhy. :D also chinese astrology. :D i like 2 also do random researches on the net wen im bored. :P ahh..yea idk wat else to say. :) :P I love that kinda stuff!! :D luv the colors..sooo colorful love the make up too! :D i FREAKIN ABSOLUUTLY LOVE THAT CUTE SKIRT! LUV THE COLOR TOO! :D I ALSO LOVE THE SKIRT TOO! :D THIS IS CUTE AND O SO PRETTY! :D I THINK THAT WEDDING DRESS IS SOO BEAUTIFUL! :D I LUV THE YELLOW COLOR!! :D THOS SHOES LOOK SOO AWESOME! :D jIMMY cHOO I LIKE THE COLOR OF THE SHOES. :D ITS CUTE. AND GREEN :D I SOOO LOOOVE THOSE HEELS..AND I LIKE TAT ITS ORANGE. PRETTY AND CUTE! :D ITS COLORFUL :D I LUV RED HEELS..TER SOOO HOT! AND BEAUTIFUL! :D THATS HOT! :p :D I LUV THOSE! :D I LIKE THOSE SUNGLASSES. :D I LUV WHITE SUNGLASSES!! TER MY FAV COLOR FOR SUNGLASSES! :D

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