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I'm lphead!


This is the 3D me.
Make your own,
and we both get Coinz!

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Hey my names Eliza, i usually suck at these about me sections. :P Image and video hosting by TinyPic

yea well im just gonna say that i love to draw. :D i love to draw my own fashion illustrations!! w000t! i only wish i can actually make them come 2 life by sewing..:( but i dont kno how. :'( <--idk if thats how u make the crying face, cuz iv never done it, so yea um but i put my drawings up..if any1 is intrested at lookin at my work just go to this site. :D ooo and pLZZZ DONT STEAL MY WORK..DONT B AN ASS!! IF U WANT 2 CONTACT ME email me at :D or on here! THANK UUU!!
yea i designed everything off of my head!! I DO NOT COPY, CUZ I LIKE 2 B ORIGINAL! :D AND DIFFERENT! W000T! yea and most of my drawings of fashion ill designs..i didnt have 2 look somewhere 2 get inspired 2 draw, these ideas just come 2 me, like in class when im listening 2 my teacher speak or listening 2 music. :D So yea as u can see in my future i wanna become a FASHION ILLUSTRATOR!!! :D I CANT WAIT!! and who knows mayb in my later yrs..ill have my own fashion line. :)
um im in college now, well community sux. :P im majoring in painting..the reason y im majoring in painting is cuz i figured its more of my back up plan, cuz in my future im probably most likely gonna b a freelance artist doin fashion illustration, and if i don get much commission work, i can do some paintings and sell them :D sooo ill still b doin somethin in the art field. :D oooor i can create t-shirt designs...yea i luv to create, invent things!! :D idk i looove art sooo much!!! i wanna learn sooo many things! yup yup. :D i just hope this lil plan of mine i got figured out..doesnt backfire on me. :P lol. so yea im gonna b a fashion illustrator/painter. :D

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