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When my husband and I decided to start designing, our concept was really simple from the start. We are two artists that love creating pieces that involve a message, and we figured, what better way to spread a message than to have it actually walking around displayed on someone's chest/body!? Someone who is passionate about the same message and wants to help create a widespread inspiration. Mixing that in with my education in fashion and lifelong dream to create my own clothing, my husband's creative writing and designing, and both of our extreme passions for the environment, planet, and the people on it, and our brainchild was born. On January 19th, to be exact. We hand-pick a charity for every single design that we create, and a percentage of each item purchased is donated in regards to it (as of right now, we have suspended other donations and are focusing fully on the Haitian crisis by working with Partners In Health and their effort). Our clothing is all very high-quality, stylish, ridiculously comfortable, and extremely durable. Most of our designs are limited edition - we want everyone to not only be proud of the message that they are portraying, but to be unique in doing it! Within the next few months we hope to create a children's line as well, for all of those little 'Greenie Babies'! Every aspect of our company is eco-friendly, from the manufacturing and printing (all domestic) to the packaging materials used to ship. We live and breath Anomalous, both the clothing and the way of life that we think it entails. We know that we have a positive message to spread to others, and some pretty kick-ass designs to go with it.

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