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I love shopping...who doesn't? Im over the moon for chocolates, cakes, pastries...anything pretty & sweet! I adore French pastries! Ooooh cupcakes too! A cheese addict. Imelda Marcos & I share the same passion for shoes. I collect bags of all sorts. I love to cook...I'm surprisingly good at it. I would love to see the closet of Victoria Beckham & maybe steal one of her Hermes Birkins. I'm crazy over denim jeans. I think its the best piece of clothing ever created. Someday I'll have my own denim jeans bar...but that's just wishful thinking. Im a fan of UK hit TV series MISFITS & Sherlock Holmes. I follow True Blood, Chuck, D. Housewives, Walking Dead & Boardwalk Empire. Cinema Paradiso is my all time favorite movie. Im not into sports but I can walk miles when I'm window shopping. I'm a beauty product junkie...from makeup to hair care to skin care to body care. I love salt scrubs, body butter, moisturizers, facial name a few. I'm a huge fan of Bliss, Philosophy & L'Occitane. A loyal fan of Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Chanel & SK-II. I love Sephora! I find the women in the Marilyn Monroe era interesting. There's this flair of sophistication. Conservative yet provocative.

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