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My username is actually a combination of my favorite Swedish movie star, Bibi Andersson and the first name of Tobey Maguire and Jennifer Meyer's bundle of joy, Ruby. I'm 25. I am a college graduate with an Associate's in Liberal Arts, I do plan to go back for a degree in Fashion Design, but those plans are on hold for until I can pay for tuition, etc. I am unemployed, but I'm actually going out in pursuit of actual employment because unemployment sucks! I have applied for 6 jobs so far and have been called back for 2 interviews. Unfortunately, I didn't get the job I was after, but I'm still actively searching for one and won't give up for until I do. I am a very nice person who does get along with just about everybody, however, I also have my bad days when I act all PMS-like. I'm caring, loving, loyal, will defend anyone, compassionate, brave, talkative, lovely.

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