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Joined 7 years ago I looooove to dance and sing in the car :) -- my guilty pleasure is Miss Britney Spears, and I also love some Shakira! I love math, fashion (addicted to all fashion blogs), and exploring! Like caves/ caverns... oh, and poolside in the sunshine! That's a fave. I've recently really started to following the Healthy Living scene and love to share and read advice online. I'm also really getting into RUNNING which is something I'd never thought I'd be capable of - just goes to show, you can really accomplish anything you set your mind to. Wants? To travel internationally, to meet Jillian Michaels (seriously love her!!!), to be styled by Rachel Zoe (would be ba-na-nas!), and to finally REALLY learn Spanish & French. Would love to share stories or ideas - swing by my blog and say hi :)

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