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I can't take this anymore Alejandra De La Torre♥(: Say it! Scream it! Moan it! I'm way too loud(: && Wayy too Sarcastic:D. ahah Music plays a big role of my life(: My friends are my everything. Hurt them && I'll hurt you 10 times more I have the attetion span of a flea:)♥ I dream of traveling the world&& one day i shall♥ I have tons of mood swings.but don't let that stop you from talking to me:D I ALWAYS need to pee:) && i think way too much:( when i tell people off I make them cry(:♥ The end.:) Oh! I've fallen for some short,annoying,cute guy. I really do love him. I don't want him to go. ThugLove♥ my life: far from perfect. i cope with it, learn from it, like it. It's all good;)♥

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