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Movies -Little shop of horrors (the 1960 Roger Corman one as well as the later version with Rick Morains) -Dr.StrangeLove -Apocalypse Now -Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge- Bollywood movie (I like this movie way too much, too many times have I caught myself singing songs from this chick flick at work -Foxy Cleopatra -Clockwork orange -1984 -12 monkeys -Donny Darko Books I've recently read and maybe even enjoyed, :o Women, Resistance and revolution- Sheila Rowbotham The Song of Troy- Colleen McCullough The Angels of Darkness- Caleb Carr The Wars- Timothy Findley Down Among the Women- Fay Weldon A Medicine for Melancholy- Ray Bradbury Lady Behave- Peter Cheyney Women on the Edge of Time- Marge Piercy The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin- David Nobbs Bitter Honeymoon- Alberto Moravia The Psychology of Freedom- Raymond Vanover Mr. Norris Changes Trains- Christopher Isherwood No News at Throat Lake- Lawrence Donegan Future Shock- Alvin Toffler Man: His First Million Years- Ashley Montagu Do it!-Jerry Rubins The day of the triffids- John Wyningham

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