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adopt your own virtual pet! If you wanna know something about me, all you gotta do is ask...I'm pretty much an open book! :) Feel free to add me on Myspace, but be sure and send me a message to let me know you're from teamsugar, otherwise I'll just think you're some random stranger and probably ignore you. ;):P Likes: Being with the people I love * fashion * baby animals * baby humans :) * boots * Woodchuck beer * bright colors * cleaning my house (it's just satisfying or something) * coffee * summertime * my mom's cheesecake * sleeping in * roller coasters (the faster and scarier the better!) * rock-n-roll * makeup * books * my Myspace playlist * gossip rags * brownies * American Idol * funny t-shirts * guys who can make me laugh * taking pictures * Italian food * Chinese food * just food! Dislikes: Rude people * things I suck at * those duck statues that people dress up and put in their yards * bills * any song by Natalie Merchant * the people running the jackhammer right outside my door at 8 o'clock in the morning * Barry Manilow music * dieting * telemarketers * people who put labels on others (including themselves) * being ignored * being interrupted * strangers who talk to you for entire plane rides * pickles * cold showers *

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