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I'm Candace. I'm married to Jason. We have two dogs, Spirit and Twinkie. We live in Corvallis. I play a lot of slowpitch softball. I used to coach lacrosse. I just graduated from Oregon State with a BA in Philosophy. I just celebrated my four year anniversary of being in the Oregon Army National Guard, with many more to come. I am a fierce supporter of the military and those associated with it. I am in the best unit with the best mission in the Army - Medical Evacuation. I don't fly, but I love aviation and plan to stay here for the long run. The toughest philosophy professor to please said to an entire audience of liberal minded folks that I was the most truly open-minded person she has ever known. I may be open-minded, but that doesn't mean I don't have opinions. I fight for what is dear to me. I am very adaptable to what is going on around me. I love art, sports, video games, reading, music, and philosophy (duh), however I don't think philosophy is just reading something that's given to you and then giving an accurate exegesis on what you read. It's something bigger and you probably philosophize all the time without realizing it. That's my favorite kind of philosophy. In addition, being good at Halo is my holy grail. Contact: AIM - C Dizz Fo Shiz Yahoo: c_dizz MSN:

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