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about here to feed the addiction. i actually do not have much tolerance for celebrities in general. most of them are total boobs. there are a few actual talented beautiful people out there, who manage to stay out of the boobery of tabloids, (you know most of these dumbasses do it on purpose) and i have respect for them. in my own dream world, if i ran with the "hollywood crowd" and had tons of money for doing pretty much nothing, i would stear clear of: paris, britney, nicole, angelina, jessica biel (TOTAL boob) lindsay...and any other boob that shows up where they know paparrazi will be and/or just get way too much publicity in general when they are infact, only mediocrely talented, and only get attention for their personal life. i personally would be hiring people to do things for me, bring food to/fix at my house, run errands, drive me etc. these people have SO much money and fame and still "beg" for a normal life. please. on my days off i would be sitting at home by the pool, not shopping for crap i dont need. oh and i would NOT need a nanny. you choose to not use birth control and pop out these damn kids, so take care of them! just be home with your family! not shopping for damn gucci bags! and i dont care how much plastic surgery these people get. just look at there freakin flabby elbows and you can tell they are 57. QUIT smoking you boobs if you dont want to look so haggard! lindsay lohan looks like shes 33! britney looks 45! i would LOVE to be hanging out with victoria beckham! now theres a lady who rocks. yes there wasnt too much "about me" in this but i guess it counts for something, it is my personal opinion on this thing im into, called the "tabloids".

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