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I'm a Singaporean but moved to the land of the free in June 2007. To be honest, I don't think living in America is as bad as many think. It's actually kinda cool! Plus, it's not that stressful as compared to studying in Singapore. I moved to Houston, TX with my family (except for my elder brother) due to my dad's job. It's only a temporary relocation, but for me, I decided to continue pursuing my studies here and graduate with a Bachelor's degree. Although I don't mind living in America, I miss my dog greatly! I know it sounds extremely cliche, but I think my dog is the best pet ever! She's very embracing, loving, and loyal (although I think she's overly friendly (greedy) that she might just end up running away with another person if he/she has food in his/her hands). Yes, did I mention Dori is a glutton (just like I am)? I vividly remember the time we left a bag of almonds on the coffee table and left the house thinking she wouldn't eat them, but no! She devoured the whole bag! LOL To me, playing the piano is highly therapeutic, as is shopping. Coffee is my weakness. I read from somewhere that I shouldn't be drinking more than 3 cups of coffee a day 'cos it'd make my boobs shrink (I'm already flat-chested!), but I don't really care.

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