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Sturdy full size platform bed frame for an active couple.
The bedroom is a perfect space for many active couples as intimacy is a prized possession for them. Standard beds rarely assist couples in intimate situations. The best bed frames often contribute couples to keep up the intimacy. They should, therefore, opt for sturdy bedframes that support the activities that they partake as they are steady. The bed frame should have the appropriate height that assists one to position themselves. Sturdy bedframes assure the couple that they will engage in their activities without worrying about the pressure exerted by the frame. Read more platform bed frame full

Therefore, various aspects of a bed should come in the couple's minds when scouting for the proper bed frame.

Sturdy bedframes are both wood and metal beds. Wood offers the aesthetic feel, while metal material is due to its durability. Hardwood bedframes are more durable than other wooden bedframes. Beds made from oak, birch, or mahogany can take more of the stress than those from softwood trees.
Metal bed frames are suitable as they can support mass amounts of pressure and weight from their occupants. Besides, they are easy to assemble and give a contemporary look to a room's décor. Moreover, most metal frames have unique double-spaced slats that offer mattresses immense support.


Size is essential when couples want to purchase a bed. Single beds are inappropriate for active couples as they do not offer the space needed for couples to play with. Such beds limit the movement and flexibility of a couple. A twin-size bed frame gives a lot of space to be used as an activity area. It also provides a luxurious feel to the room as it allows the couple to stretch out.


Durability is based on the choice of material and build quality. Metal and wooden bed frames are durable enough to accommodate its occupants for years. A durable bed frame also helps maintain the quality of the sleeping materials, such as mattresses, the couple invests in.


Squeaky and creaky beds can limit the pleasure in the bedroom. It can be annoying when the noise comes from the bed during intimacy and causes discomfort in the household. Active couples seek discreet moments during intimacy. Therefore, a couple should correctly assemble the bed to eliminate any chances of squeaking. The couple can also choose beds that offer padded slats. Such slats assist in noise reduction from the bed frame. The bed's leg design is essential as legs capped with anti-slip material are less likely to create noises.

Frame assembly.

If the couple opts for a metal bed frame, it is advisable to go for one that is already assembled, with the contact points securely welded in place. Welding assures that there is no noise production. If the couple opts for the beds that they would assemble themselves, they should avoid those that have sliding parts. Instead, they should go for those that require fastening of screws or bolts because the constant movement can cause the sliding parts to loosen up, hence squeaking.

Headboards or footboard.

If the couple goes for beds that require a headboard or footboard, they should ensure that the parts are connected securely. Loose boards are a source of noise as they squeak or sway. The piece placing should be far from the wall as they can hit the wall during movement.


A manufacturer's defect can occur even after careful and meticulous assembly. Some loosen up after a few weeks of use. Therefore, going for a bed with about a five- year limited warranty is more appealing as it allows the replacement of any broken pieces. Read more at

Best bed frames for active couples.

1) Zinus Shawn Smart base Mattress Foundation.

The bed is an ideal choice as it is pocket friendly. It also has a wonderful foundation as it allows the couple to have a flexible bed frame suitable for various bedroom decors. It is also easy to assemble as the structure unfolds and requires a few screws to connect the pieces securely.
• The bed is noise-free.
• The bed has a simplistic design.
• Easy to assemble.
• Allows the couple to fit in headboards and footboards.

2) Zinus Justina.

The bed possesses an upholstery fabric that elevates the luxuriousness and elegance of a room's décor. The bed also has thick, sturdy wooden legs that give the room a level of sophistication. The bed measures16 inches high and have about 7 inches of under-bed space, which is suitable for incorporating storage units.
• The bed is easy to assemble.
• Made from steel, thus offers a sturdy frame.
• Durable.
• Noiseless.

3) Olee Sleep.

It is ideal for active couples as it is incredibly sturdy and silent. The bed has nine metal slats that securely connect to the frame with screws. The bed has secure edges. Thus assists, where the mattress employed, lacks edge support.
• Durable steel bed frame.
• Suitable for heavy couples due to middle support and heavy-duty steel.
• Noise-free thus keeps activities out of the public domain.
• Works well with various mattress designs.

1. Manhattan queen bed frame.
The bed fits all queen size mattresses. The bed also has a padded frame and headboard that is soft to the touch, and the faux leather employed gives a feel of luxuriousness and elegance while upgrading the rooms décor to a modern context.
• It is easy to assemble- comes with an instruction manual.
• It has a warranty.
• Noise-free- with lots of motion.
• Eliminates the need for a box spring.

Squeaky beds are annoying and can reduce the couple's desire as they reveal the couple's activities to everyone. The best sturdy bed frame assists couples to complement intimacy and thus elevates the romance in the room. When the bed frame is firm and steady, the couple enjoys their moments on it. By following the useful guideline highlighted above, a couple can choose the right bed frame suitable for their needs and one that will stay durable for decades and sturdy enough to withstand any form of weight. Read more

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