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When I was little I wanted to be Chrissy Snow. I was sure I would be married by the time I was 20. --- When I got older I wanted to live in a fabulous Chicago loft, have a magnificently creative job and shop Michigan Ave daily. I was sure I'd be married by the time I was 30. --- Today I live in a city of 8000 and work in customer service. Michigan Ave?! We have Fleet Farm, Walmart and Checker Auto Parts. Chrissy Snow? The only thing we have in common is that sometimes I snort when I laugh. I'm not sure I'll ever get married. --- Life doesn't always turn out the way we plan. I love art (creating, studying, admiring), music, writing, anthropology, archaeology, Milwaukee Brewers baseball, celebrity gossip magazines and my dog. My nose can be found in a book if it isn't pressed against the computer screen. --- I am afraid of birds.

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