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*Hi. *They call me Sarah. Or, if you listen to Nathan, Bear. *I'm 23. *I'm an aries, but my moon is in taurus. *I'm married to a freaking awesome guy, Nathan. *I have a bunch of cats. *My favorite muppet is Rizzo the rat. *I can pop my right ankle on command. *I paint. *I can read Latin and "speak" American Sign Language. *My feet are always cold. *I want to move to Seattle, WA. *I'm blind as a bat. *I love sci fi, fantasy, and vampire romances. *I can't stand rap or country music. *I can craft circles around you. *I've been vegetarian for 9 years, and with Nathan just as long. *I knit. *I'm an aspiring cookbook author. *I'm pregnant with Nathan and I's first kid-o. A girl, to be named Vala. Due May 25, 2009. *Fart.

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