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cup of coffee

Joined 10 years ago

i Love FooD

iM 18

iM 5'8''

im iN schooL

i SleEp a minimuM oF 7 Hours DaiLy

i Eat 3 TiMEs a Day, Sometimes 4, soMetimEs 5

i brusH mY teeTh 3 timEs a daY

i TAke a batH 3 Times a DaY...i shamPoo anD conDition My HaiR...i Use GErmicidal Soap anD WhiTEniNG soaP...i USe LotioN, Leave On Hair ConditIOner, DeodoranT, Foot Powder, CoLOgne

im awAre Of WhAt CLothes tO weaR, How to WeaR Them aNd wHen to Wear TheM

iM CLEan

i DrinK coFFee

i watCh Tv

i Love amemriCAn iDoL, ANTM anD SNL

i PLaY BadminTon...i SurF, WaKEboArd, and PLay ScraBBLe

i HAve GOOd engLIsh

i SpeaK weLL

iM artiCuLate

i Love DoGs

i DrinK

i REaD

i CrY

i HAvE fuN

i LauGH


i SneeZe coNStanTLy

iM a PEace LovinG PErsoN

i Love to SwiM

iM insomniAc

i LOve mY frieNDs

i Love My FamiLy MoRe

i HaVe a Lot OF moNEy Every MondaY

iM pooR By TuesdAy ThrouGh FriDAy

i DonT saVE

i NeveR EcoNomiZe

iM SensiTIve

iM DepressiVE

iM WeiRd

iM probLEmatiC

iM ComPLicaTEd

buT stiLL, People Love ME!!!

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