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Lucero De La Tierra

Joined 4 years ago

After I had my first daughter and became a stay-at-home mom I realized I needed some way to practice what I'd worked so hard to learn in college and in my career. Blogging was a natural outlet because I was able to learn more about the Internet, write about what matters to me, share in the thoughts of others and not lose what knowledge I'd gained. Though I'm not traveling the world anymore every day is an adventure with my two little ones. As I teach and guide them through their childhood I learn new things about myself. I see my personality reflected in their actions. I begin to understand how my mother felt as she watched my brother and I grow. The anxiety, concern, joy and pride all mix together on a daily basis. I chose 'sowing seeds of love for mud' as my tagline or catchphrase, what say you, for a couple of reasons. First of all, I love gardening. If I'm not sowing seeds or playing in the mud with my girls I'm thinking about the next season and planning what comes next. Second, I firmly believe that we were created from this Earth. In essence we are all of the same mud. When we view ourselves as the same it's easier to show compassion, understanding and kindness.

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