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i'm 21 live with my mum and my older siister that looks 15.I listen to my ipod to much so much i can't hear to well, i watch so much soaps on tv that i can tell you what going on in them then in the real world and sometimes that better. Also when it comes to soaps on telly i do talk about them shows way to much so sorry. Plus i do like other tv shows like wife swap that i love and then there supernatural that i love. but about me i got this thing wrong with me that means my legs don't work sometimes so i can't go out for sometimes weeks but that the only main thing wroge with me Now my music i like everything i don't like just one type because that would just bored me because i can like mcfly then bullet for my valentine then go to listen to amy winehouse then listen to busted so i don't stay listen to one type that kind of cool

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