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Grew up around 5 guys...any takers? lol

I come from a large Mexican family and love them very much. I was a bad kid in high school, so no college for me. I went back a year ago and had a bad experience with the staff. They're leeches! It wasn't for me. I worked as a makeup artist for 4 years (here in OC and Hollywood), I work in accounting now. In general, life is good but I have a short fuse for really stupid people. I hate when vegetarians put themselves on a pedestal & convince themselves that they are the savior for all animal-kind....I love animals, but I'm at the top of the food chain buster! I have a steak almost every night. My fiance, whom I love with all my heart, calls me his firecracker. We have an amazing relationship. I have the best fuckin dog in the world, her name is Canela. I'm just here to speak my mind.

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