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I cannot stand it when people refer to cooking food outdoors as a Bar-B-Que, unless there is actual BBQ sauce being used, (and yes, I am fully aware that by definition, this is ok. I just don't like it). I wish I had been in high school or college in the 1980s simply because of the hairstyles and music. I think that Kids Incorporated was the greatest show ever on television and that the 1993 season of the Mickey Mouse Club comes in at a close second. I absolutely hate the color pink. I love the smell of fresh cut grass and the river (that's an Alabama thing), and the smell of my boyfriend's pillow. I think that Grey's Anatomy is over-rated and that Brad Pitt is under-rated as an actor because of his looks. I think women with short hair are more confident that women with long hair and that its silly when people freak out about cutting it.

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