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I'm very outgoing, and I talk far too much. I want to learn to play the guitar. I'm terified of clowns.I do well in school. I love the rain. Languages facinate me. Starbucks and sugar free rockstar are boss. I speak my mind when I want to. I love subtitled movies (: I'm kind of scared of silly childish things.I get really nervous after i watch murder/horror shows. I'm VERY ticklish. When I'm bored I fix my hair. I've been just about every label that a person can be, but I've had enough of that. Now I'm just me (: I'm going to move to New York, then Paris, then Tokyo, and then maybe London. I have many ambitions. I am easily amused. I have many crushes. My friends & family are my life, along with music. quotes and vintage photography are two of my favorite things. fashion is radd. i love black and white photographs. I'm 1,000,000% sure there's no other person like me. I'm mucho random. I sometimes integrate Spanish things into my conversations, it fascinates me. reading often takes too much of my time, a good book is like my heroin. i have a fetish with chinese foods. i'm a tad bit crazy, but aren't we all? i think insanity is the key to sanity. i have an addiction to starburst and magazines. i probably have the biggest magazine collection of anyone you know. i dream of attending an ivy league school. peaceeee bby.