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I have a huge weakness for all things fashion. Magazines save me from bordem, and they are a mini-obsession! I enjoy celebrity culture a little more than I care to admit. I daydream more often than not. Get me with the right people and the sarcasm just starts flying like cabbage patch dolls in 1983 at Christmas time. I believe in superstitions, psychics and fortunes. I love to travel, and get lost on my way there. I love to cook, paint, write, read, and practice yoga. I wear heels with almost everything because they make your body line look much better. I am a walking contradiction. My favorite colors are gunmetal gray and dark purple. I prefer to go shopping alone. I probably idolize people I shouldn't. I have a large life list that I have to live to be 100 to get through. I wish upon stars whenever I get the chance because who knows when it will work.

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