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Lisa Brown-Hall

The ghetto fashionista is someone who keeps her eyes peeled to the runway AND the hood. She is always fabulously 'dipped' in the latest fashion BUT she has a secret. She does not spend full price to look her very best. No, the ghetto fashionista is resourceful! She knows the ladies who work at Off Fifth by first name, and she is a good friend to her neighborhood Marshalls and TJ Maxx. She shops at Bluefly, carries the latest Marc Jacobs, and is generally 'in the know'. And make no mistake about it- the ghetto fashionista is NOT to be confused with Boomquisha- the neighborhood chicken head. OH NO! The ghetto fashionista is well educated, with a savings account, a healthy 401K, several degrees- you get the picture. She grew up in the hood, but the hood did not 'grow' up in her. She is refined, well dressed, with her ear acutely attuned to what is hot. She is sexy, commands attention when she walks into any room and she is me- AND yes, the photo featured here is my alter-ego the ORIGINAL Foxy Brown.

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