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*I acquire clothing at a somewhat alarming rate *Cucumber Water is the best ever *I love Northface Jackets even though I don't hike *I have expensive habits. *I don't do drugs. *I hate grocery stores *I can be quite difficult ... but at times thats a good thing *Big Sunglasses are the best *I love my cell phone and couldn't live without it *I only drink bottled water *I love fluffy towels *I have a compulsive disorder with handbags.*My friend Jenny thinks I talk loud, it could be true. *I love taking classes. *I live for the weekends *I'm amazing. *I love to make people laugh. *I have extremely high standards for myself and everyone else. *I live in my own little world. *I am very WISE dont let the big smile fool you. *I love Fashion. *I love Martini's *Expensive Things make me happy (That was for Catlin) *Daisies are the best. *I could walk around Art Museums forever. *I love 7 & 7s,Tanqueray & Tonic & Manhattans. *I choose Stilettos over saftey *I love Cigars. *I love Sunshine *I love Wine almost as much as I love Champagne. *I am one of a kind *I have no clue what I want

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