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I tend to be underestimated because of the sweet slightly shy impression I first give off. I am fabulous ,it’s true. Don’t try to tell me other wise. I wear my heart on my sleeve and I’ll be the first to tell you stories of my life but if you harm me (and this is a warning) you will never be truly forgiven. I’ll get over it but nothing stings like the feeling of betrayal. I’m not as mean has this all sounds. In person I am actually quite friendly and charming , if I do say so myself, but I am defensive. I’ll have a shield in my purse ready to protect myself from you if I have too, it’s not really a good way to live, but it’s how I learned to live. Did I mention that I am fabulous? You can find me at starbucks, the duck pond or the skate park near my house (it’s become I new place I tend to go when I am bored) I read, I write, I listen to music when doing either one. I really like make-up, not just like any average girl, but I have a passion for it. I’ll do yours for free, unless you are a guy. Why are you wearing eyeliner? I am a geek and I say that proudly. If you want to impress me starting talking to me about how much the X-Men movies suck and that Chewbacca scared you as a child ( I thought he was a werewolf). Note to guys: if you come up to me all “hey baby what’s your name?” I will shoot you down and make you feel like the idiot you are. I like cats, strawberries and the color pink. I hate headaches, heavy metal and junior high kids. I rarely drink and I am a smoker but only cloves and dreams.My social life consists of starbucks which will always be a second home to me. I've met so many awesome people there and we are probably cooler than you and your friends. My dream is to someday live in NYC and I've had that dream since I first saw "Muppets in Manhattan" when I was eight Above all things I believe in the power of love in all it's many forms.I pretty much have a high self esteem and in case you missed it...I ‘m fabulous

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