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Hi! I work in public relations, but my passions extend to celebrity gossip! I love my wonderful family, boyfriend and friends, and spending time with them is my fav thing to do. I'm a silent observer and mental note-taker. People think i'm sweet, but I can suffer from b*tch itch from time to time. I love getting my way, but nothing makes me happier than doing something nice for someone I love. I think artificial flowers are severely tacky. I look forward to doing the Reader's Digest challenge every month. I could eat my body's weight in dark chocolate wafers. I am addicted to shea butter - best moisturizer. ever. I think there's something hypnotizing about the sound of waves at the beach. And if I could have anything in the world, it would be a huge salt water tank with a myriad of different sea horses - they're like magic. My baby calls me princess...naturally ;) bisou bisou!

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