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Whitney E. Hannah Hill :: I really enjoy visiting the 'our story' & 'about us' pages when I peruse websites. I am always interested in reading about where people came from, what their values are & most of all, what inspired them to start their business. You will notice when you visit the linked websites on that many of the stories all start the same way - after the birth of a child. And, my story begins like so many of theirs. For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to own a business, but never knew quite what that would look like. Well, in real life, that is. I have dreamt of owning a little boutique in Paris - full of fabulous finds & treasures - and living in an apartment above. But life has taken me in a different direction, and that's okay! After the birth of my son, I became so much more driven to make my dream a reality. I design & create jewelry and I also design marketing & print advertising for various organizations. In reading articles written by successful entrepreneurs, the constant is that they all have a strong passion for what they do. After all, you have to LOVE what you do, to work at home 24/7 and make it work. With this website, I am merging so many of the things that make me tick. I have been inspired by all of the mothers that have taken the plunge and have found the perfect balance between their work & family life. I have a passion for design, beauty, simplicity & supporting mom entrepreneurs. I enjoy fashion, appreciate art, delight in a great find, LOVE a bargain & care about the environment. But, most of all, I love God...and my family is the most important thing in my life!

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