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Hi guys. Watch the memorial for Steve Irwin last night? I did. Even though the guy is no longer with us, people made sure to make his memorial the happiest and most positive experience ever. It really makes you put things into perspective. So I'm leaving. It's been great chatting and posting, but there are some things in life that need to be given great amounts of attention - celebrities are not one of them. This is no insult to anyone else, this is just my opinion for myself. There are times in life when ignorance truly is bliss. We shouldn't walk around in a fog, but there are things that we would be well off to ignore. Hollywood celebrities, to me, are one of them. Steve got to be world-famous, but I think you'll agree that he definitely is not like the others. He lived in a world devoid of drugs, sex, and alcohol. He was just a happy guy with a great family and true friends. No "Footballers Wives" type of goings-on. Just simplicity. I really want to strive for that simplicity in my own life. I don't care if Britney leaves Kevin. I don't care if Madonna is making an ass out of herself again. If Katie Holmes ever escapes Tom Cruise, good for her. But I am just at the point where it's ridiculous to care. All I want are my good friends and family, & my Soulmate. I'm concentrating on a happy life with my great books, brilliant music, and peace and quiet. I'm getting away from the mundane "reality" of what everything has become. Maybe when the "Dark Ages" of this whole country is over, and true talent and great minds emerge, maybe it will be something I want to talk about! But what we've got now is sad, and I'm not bogging myself down with it.

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