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I'm originally from the US. My husband is french and we live in Paris with our kitty Tigrou (that's Tigger in french) who was a little handicapped kitten I discovered at a rescue agency (one year later, he has adjusted quite well and snuggles and plays like a normal kitty). My favorite food is sushi maki; I really could eat it everyday! I am fascinated by human nature (have you seen the movie Dogville?) and I love to write. That's my creative side. I'm left-handed. I can't really cook except for a few dishes that I created myself that are surprisingly good. But the rest? Watch out! I love fashion and if I could describe to you my style celeb-wise maybe a cross between Jennifer Aniston(tailored), Cameron Diaz(a bit funky), Nicole Richie(chic and well accessorized), Gwyneth Paltrow (understated) & Kate Moss (well executed and a bit edgy). It really is a mix of different styles, probably because I have lived in such radically different cities where the fashion is so diverse. I think I picked up a little bit from each, mixed with my own tastes, and voila! But my style is definitely 100% uniquely me. Which is why I HATE it when people copy me. It happens a lot and it drives me crazy! I am always happy to chat via fab email and I enjoy reading your comments on my posts.

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