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Love fashion and movies and would like to set up my own fashion business somewhere in the future. I make clothes out of old bed sheets and model them to my mom who is equally supportive! I love to act and sing around and believe that life should be lived with a smile :) I'm a shoe addict and though I can't afford all those designer goodies, I raid my local flea market instead :D I'm a sucker for clutch bags long before they become a raging fashion trend. I've owned clutches since I was 5 which were basically my mom's but still didn't stop me from calling them my own! I've always wanted to attend the Oscars! If I love a song I'll keep on listening to it until I've memorized it ^^ I love watching tv and have watched tv for 12 straight hours which is kinda weird because I hav'nt slept 12 hrs straight in my whole life.

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