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hmm .. where to start? well, i don't think i'm an interesting person, you might but, that's just you, i think something might be wrong with you then. um, i'm just your typical girl next door in san francisco or sacramento. [ you pick ] (: typical college student working & trying to survive on cup of noodle. lmao. jk. i hate that stuff. anywho, um, if you know me, i'm a huge harry potter fan and i'm also obsessed with designer crap :) even though i can't afford any of them, but i want to in the future :) ou, and i'm also obsessed with celebrity gossip. but yeah, i'm a style geek, i love people style watch :) love love love that magazine. err .. what else? well, it's been a year since i started fidm, and hopefully i'll be done in march, and i'll be back in sac w/ a nice car :) *evil laugh* and then maybe back to sf state? for my b.a.? we'll see. erm .. it's also almost been a year since i started my job, who knew i would last that long, and i got promoted in less that 3 months. whoot :) but enough about me, what about you?

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