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I am fun, mysterious, and loyal to my friends and family. The hardest thing I deal with is learning how to not take things personally!! A work in progress. I work full-time in the summer at a reservations center and go to school full-time in the fall/winter. I am goin into by 5th year at university, and in 2 more years I will be a certified teacher. 1. I was born November. 11, 1982... 2.Black is my color to wear but I never just wear black I mix with other deep colors. 3. I would rather be a loner than a follower. 4.I don't collect anything, however if you saw my room you would think that I don't throw anything away. Especially cards...I have about 100 cards..but yet I dont collect anything. 5. My all time fav food is Pizza 6. My favorite non- Alky drink is water 7. My Fav Alky drink is wine, at a close second it would be beer..Alpine of course! 8. I am in love 9. I'm a better speaker than a writer 10.I read for school, not for fun. 11. I am a student at UNB taking ARTS and EDUCATION. 12. I dont think I will have any children at this point in my life, maybe later. 13. I like all types of Music, but ACDC really gets me off. 14. I am a sexual person, I must say my Boyfriend is pretty Lucky man. 15. I consider myself as a Pagan 16. I am somewhat tradtional with my Native culture. 17. I perfer hot over cold in the bedroom, and cold over hot for body temp 18.I cannot die until a travel somewhere far and exotic, 19.When I was little I use to sleep in the middle of my bed because I was afriad that hands would reach up and grab me on each side of my bed. 20. I know many people..know is the key word, I have 2 real friends. 21. My best friend is Skye...she is the person that I have known the longest, and we equally get each other. 22.I hate wearing dresses, but I would do a skirt if I had to. 23. I love english and hate math 24. My dad lives on St. Mary's reserve and has been with the same women for 20 years. He refers to her as his housekeeper. 25. Up until the age of 15 I lived with my step-mother and step- father. They were a Cancer and a Pisces. 26. I am a scorpio and I should have gotten along with them...but I was young and moody and hated everyone. 27. I moved in with my mom at the age of 15 because I wanted freedom...with no rules. 28. I regret that choice of freedom now. 29. I hate people who act nice to your face but are awful behind your back..thats why I have such few friends. 30. I do this....................alot when I write. 31. I once had a friend who was Bipolar, bulimac, and an addict all at one time. She is now in treatment and I doubt if I ever will see her again. I hope I do at some point...I really really miss her. 32. I work at a global reservation call center for delta hotels. 33. I went out last night at two in the morning just because my friend wanted to meet up with someone. She left me. 34. I don't have a green thumb. 35. I have a dog...his name is Bosco, he is a boxer. 36. I have a rabbit named stormy. 37. I know people who lie all the time, that they believe their OWN lies

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